“Everybody on the team has kind of rallied around this idea that we’re making money, we’re helping companies. And we love helping companies. But even better than that, we can take that money and actually invest it back into the community.”

—Tracy Lee

about me

I am a serial entrepreneur, and a Google Developer Expert, who loves to build companies and communities. As a co-founder of This Dot Media and This Dot Labs, I have a deep passion for coding, especially with Angular, React, and Ember.

After selling my company, Dishcrawl, to DinnerLab in late 2015, I’ve been advising and mentoring startups on sales, marketing, and growth. During my tenure at Dishcrawl, I helped scale the company into 250 cities, with over 180 employees and partners across the world.

I have sat on several non-profit boards, including SV Creates, Hacker Dojo, and Silicon Valley Young Professionals.

I have also helped build 12 companies, and obtained degrees in business and marketing, over the past 14 years. In this time, I have developed a strong interest in building enterprises from the ground up, social media marketing, and growth hacking for companies at various stages.

In my free time, I love to give talks on my technical adventures at global web development conferences, and enjoy pair coding with friends.


Google Developer Group, Silicon Valley


Triangle Modern Web

Relations for Node.js at OpenJS Foundation

FluentConf, React Amsterdam, Chain React, Angular Germany, Angular Spain

Modern Web podcast

This.JavaScript, State of Frameworks


CEO & Co-Founder

This Dot Labs

2016 - Present

This Dot Media: we are an education and news focused organisation that facilitates learning through four main principles: Watch, Engage, Listen, and Learn.

This Dot Labs: we are a framework agnostic consulting firm that enables teams to become better developers. We passionately work with companies to build ambitious web applications, with modern web techniques, and strategies.

This.Labs: is a set of open source contributors that believe in mentoring and building the next generation of developers. With experience across various JavaScript frameworks, we accomplish our mission of teaching by mentoring apprentices, and helping large companies scale their teams.

Founder & Editor

Venture Hacked

Feb 2015 - Feb 2018

Providing content through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and investors around the world. Connecting startups and capital through quarterly events.

CEO & Co-Founder


Mar 2015 - Dec 2016

Marketing, brand building, and consulting for startups

Founder & Organizer

Modern Web UI

Feb 2015 - Feb 2018

Modern Web UI is a meetup focused on content related to cutting edge JavaScript tools, and technologies. Past topics include object oriented design in ES2015/ES6, Falcor, Ember, React, RxJS, functional programming, Web Components, and more.

Developer Evangelist


Oct 2015 - Jan 2017

EmberSherpa provides mentoring and training services to companies looking to scale and build their teams using Ember.JS.

Founder & CEO


Dec 2014 - Dec 2016

Socially interactive experiences for teams and customers. Providing unique events for Fortune 500 companies in major US cities & London.

CEO & Co-Founder


Jan 2009 - Mar 2015

Grew a team of 15 to a team of 250 in less than 1 year. Created a tech enabled company that allowed us to scale into 250 cities, and host local events across the US & Canada. Exited, and sold company to Dinner Lab in March 2015.