I’m Tracy Lee,
Tech investor & Technologist & Speaker

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Technical expert

I am Tracy Lee - Tech Investor, Technologist & Speaker. My talent for sales, growth hacking, and entrepreneurship is informed by a passion for community building and technology.  A technologist who regularly keynotes on international stages, I help companies and technologies reach their target users, and help users best understand the products and services available to them.


This Dot

Grew an internationally recognized brand, known for its expert web development and architectural consulting.

Tech investor

Team lead in all areas, including business development, content creation, sales, marketing, operations, and leadership.

Web Technologies Expert

Lead for Women Techmakers, an organization for women interested in Google related web technologies, in Silicon Valley and Raleigh, NC.

Keynote speaker

Through participation, as a speaker and organizer, at global web development even, have built a large network of leading industry influencers.

Mentoring helped unblock several of our lead architects that work across multiple organizations. We have been able to take best practices and advice Tracy shared, and help our business units achieve confidence in delivery.

Sheila F Huber
Operations manager

I'm really pleased to have been working with Tracy for over a year now. In particular, I'm pleased with their technical expertise and fast on-boarding time for each project.

Jesse Paquette
Co-founder of tag.bio

Tracy Lee is a person with a strong sense for business and has the incredible ability to connect with people, build large social networks and work on multiple projects concurrently with the same energy and vitality she would on a single project.

Gerald Truong
Software Product Designer

Working with Tracy has encouraged and empowered me to share my passion for web development with the global JavaScript community.

Simone Cuomo
Senior JavaScript software engineer

Tracy’s natural instinct is to build relationships and her creative ways to solve problems and innovate yet another amazing way to bring the tech community together by uplifting historically marginalized people is inspiring and motivating. Tracy is equal parts brilliant and driven, constantly working to be better than she was yesterday. I can honestly say I’ve never worked with someone as talented as she is. Who she is at her core drives us all to be better.

Sarah Ronau
Director of Marketing This Dot

I've known and worked with Tracy for years. If I had any sort of question about business development, especially in the tech industry, I would go to Tracy first. Her track record of tackling hard problems and building a great reputation in our industry is incredible. She's very clever and professional and I have a lot of confidence in the success of anything I collaborate with her on.

Ben Lesh
Creator, RxJS

My career in tech would not be where it is today without the influence and support of Tracy Lee. She is an amazing technologist, a skilled connector, and just a positive and fun presence. We are so lucky to have her in this field in general, and I'm lucky to get to work with her on any project.

Eve Porcello
Moon Highway